Lindrons are styrene-acrylic copolymers, generally at a level of 50% solids in one or more organic solvents. Lindrons are applied to metal, concrete, and other masonry surfaces, and upon solvent evaporation, their surfaces will have a tough, protective, strong adhered coating with organic copolymer. Specific Lindrons produce different flexibility, toughness, and non-yellowing characteristics. Lindron coatings may be formulated either as clear coatings or as pigmented coatings designed for applications which include:

  • Concrete sealers and stain
  • Swimming pool paint
  • Traffic Paint
  • Corrosion resistant paint
  • Bridge Paint
  • Waterproof paint for concrete and masonry
  • Metal primers

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Lindron Technical Data Sheets and SDS for Download

Technical Data Sheets for Download

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